SysAid Remote Desktop

SysAid Remote Desktop (known by end users as My Desktop) provides all employees, not just IT, with secure remote access to their PCs from any device with an Internet or Intranet connection.

Connections Are 100% Secure

SysAid Remote Desktop uses advanced encryption capabilities to ensure complete security of all data. All end users accessing their desktops from a home computer, mobile device, or even on a public network, will be handled safely and securely. When they use SysAid Remote Desktop, end users remotely control their work computers without connecting to the corporate network. All communication is by secure SSL HTML 5, so both the user’s data and the corporate network are protected.

Use Is Permission-Based

With SysAid Remote Desktop you have full control over who can access this feature, permitting end users remote access to their computers either individually or by using the SysAid Auto-Match feature. The end users’ workstations require that the SysAid Agent be installed and that the end users are accessing their desktops via an HTML 5 compatible web browser. Since you need to instal the SysAid Agent for IT asset management, and all computers and smartphones come with a web browser, unless your end users are using very old browsers, there is no additional software to install.

Fully Auditable

All SysAid Remote Desktop activity is logged, giving you a complete and detailed usage history plus the ability to audit it. The detailed audit log shows you all activities in SysAid Remote Desktop: assignments of computers to end users, all initialized remote desktop sessions, and any remote desktop sessions terminated by IT administrators.


SysAid Remote Desktop works seamlessly with your existing firewall system, without any special configuration requirements. If one of your end users is away for the weekend and needs to make an emergency change to a PowerPoint presentation for Monday, it’s no problem – he or she can use any computer to connect to the data via SysAid Remote Desktop.

One-Click Configuration (Auto-Match)

SysAid Remote Desktop’s Auto-Match feature uses a smart algorithm to pair users to the computers they use most, which means that it takes just one click to match users to their assets. SysAid customers find it a huge time-saver, and of course you can manually edit the matching results as needed.

Get One Free Channel with Your Package – Then Grow as You Go

SysAid Remote Desktop is only a small additional cost over your current SysAid license and with concurrent user licensing, it’s also very easy to plan how many remote desktop licenses you need. You receive one free channel with your SysAid package, then decide if you want to add more channels to suit your organization's specific needs. Add more channels here.


SysAid Remote Desktop