10 Reasons to Choose SysAid’s IT Asset Management Software

Organizations have choices when establishing IT asset management (ITAM) – firstly whether to use an ITAM software product, and secondly which one to use. ITAM can be done without a fit-for-purpose tool but it’s so much harder and far more manually intensive.

So most organizations that decide to benefit from ITAM choose, implement, and maintain a suitable software product – with the decision based on a range of factors that need to be balanced including: cost, range and depth of capabilities, support, and ease-of-use.

Out of the options available though, there are a number of reasons why customers choose SysAid’s IT asset management solution. Of course there are advantages such as the versatility SysAid offers with both cloud and on-premise delivery models, and a highly flexible range of price and support options. But underpinning these delivery benefits there are a variety of reasons why customers commonly choose SysAid’s IT asset management system to help them.

In particular, SysAid’s IT asset management can help customers by:

  1. Delivering all the core IT asset management requirements. Start now with the basics of IT asset management, confident that you can easily add further features and complexity when your ITAM processes mature and require it.
  2. Easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces. Benefit from SysAid’s consistent user interface across the whole range of the SysAid software suite – IT asset management and IT service management (ITSM), such that it’s easy for staff to move between different aspects of the solution, already aware of how to enter and access the information they need.
  3. A known product with a worldwide existing customer base. The large number of current, happy SysAid customers is witness to the quality of the software and the support that those customers enjoy from SysAid. The existing customer base is also a source of continual improvement ideas that help to drive the SysAid IT asset management solution forward to meet new IT asset management challenges as they arise.
  4. A delivery system to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to run your IT asset management solution on-premise, with its inherent comfort and compliance benefits, or enjoy the flexible benefits offered by modern, cloud-based delivery. SysAid is experienced and well-positioned to deliver on either scenario to meet your IT asset management needs.
  5. Interface with your (internal) customers’ systems. The SysAid asset management solution will easily interface with your internal customers’ own software, i.e. your organization’s other IT and business systems that contribute to, or feed from, ITAM data, to ultimately better support their needs.
  6. Comprehensive IT asset history and reporting. IT asset management systems inevitably generate vast amounts of data. Using that data requires a system that delivers meaningful, targeted reporting – both in formal reports and on-line enquiry. SysAid’s wide and versatile reporting options make this easy for you and your various users throughout your organization. For instance, non-ITAM IT personnel or finance or procurement teams.
  7. IT asset management in a bigger context. The SysAid IT asset management solution is part of SysAid’s bigger suite of software, integrating easily and logically with the full range of software that you will need to develop and support your wider IT service management processes.
  8. Flexibility. As your organization and their needs grow and change, so your SysAid IT asset management solution can grow and change with them. Inbuilt configurability and customization, along with the flexible pricing, makes this an easy journey to make.
  9. Online Community. The worldwide SysAid customer base participates in a powerful, online community for you to compare your performance, share ideas and tips, and grow the value you get from SysAid’s IT asset management software, whether that be how to use the software or IT asset management best practices.
  10. A good price, even better value. There’s no need to buy everything that you think you might ever need up front. SysAid’s flexible pricing structure allows you to start as small as you wish, knowing that the IT asset management software will grow with you.

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