Increase your efficiency, by easily sync data between Jira and SysAid


Available from SysAid 15.1.50
SysAid Edition:
SysAid Full Cloud and On-Premise




This integration provides a bidirectional transfer of information between Jira and SysAid.


Main Features

  • Based on a flag in the SysAid service record, SysAid connects to Jira and opens a new ticket, which is then saved in SysAid so the admin can link directly to Jira
  • SysAid can perform updates to Jira tickets that have an associated ID numbers in SysAid
  • SysAid can display data from Jira on the screen when the service record is loaded



  • Syncing of ticket information between two systems
  • Reducing “double work” of the user for tickets handled in Jira



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