View Salesforce information within SysAid entities and automatically generate SalesForce activities using predefined triggers within SysAid service records


Available from SysAid 15.1.50
SysAid Edition:
SysAid Full Cloud and On-Premise




SysAid customers can choose to integrate with Salesforce to view Salesforce information within SysAid entities. This integration also provides the ability to open SalesForce activities as a result of predefined triggers within SysAid incidents, requests, problems, and changes.


Main Features

  • Ability to exchange data and activities between Salesforce and SysAid
  • Ability to create Salesforce activities directly from SysAid rules



  • Import additional important business data into SysAid and display it in your existing screens and workflows
  • Start a process in SysAid, then create a Salesforce activity to continue working on it in Salesforce



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