Powering a new level of productivity with service orchestration

SysAid’s Automate Joe is the first built-in ITSM offering that orchestrates service delivery across business, application, and infrastructure layers – with the click of a button.

By freeing service desk agents from manual tasks such as employee onboarding and provisioning virtual machines, Automate Joe improves productivity, accelerates processes, and slashes ticket resolution times.

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Common service desk challenges

98% of IT leaders say that automating processes is essential to driving business benefits, and yet IT departments spend 30% of their time on low-level tasks, making it hard to consistently ensure productivity and value for the company. This forces the service desk to spend an exceptional amount of time:

Putting out fires
Completing manual, error-prone tasks
Dealing with delays and miscommunications


SysAid’s Automate Joe lightens your service desk team’s load – boosting productivity, service agility, and end-user satisfaction.

What can you automate?

Employee onboarding & off-boarding
Provisioning & de-provisioning of VMware virtual machines
Deploying software via Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Creation of new groups and adding or removing members in Active Directory
SFTP file transfers
Microsoft Exchange mail systems workflow


Automate Joe will define and execute business and IT workflows, automate IT tasks, monitor current process states in real-time, and enable a full traceability of all activities.


Fully orchestrated service delivery across all departments – at the push of a button
Infrastructure automation, including application release and deployment automation within the same platform
IT workflow rollback and restart capabilities for each task
Automatic scheduling and calendar handling with each service execution
Full audit trail of all actions to ensure compliance of processes and configurations
One turnkey solution to provision, update, change, and patch
Single point of control for full-stack service delivery
Recover resources to manage expenses by de-provisioning services not in use


Automate Joe integrates with open source and public cloud solutions from OpenStack, Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, and VMware, enabling service desk agents to orchestrate delivery of hybrid cloud services. The service desk can continue to use IT automation tools from Puppet, Chef, and VMware alongside Automate Joe.


SysAid’s Automate Joe can help your team orchestrate many manual tasks, automatically boosting your team’s productivity and results.


Accelerated service delivery
to the business, while reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR).


Increased service agility
to produce fast, predictable results for manual, routine, and error-prone tasks, and to enhance service availability, 24/7/365.


Increased agent productivity
by saving time on manual tasks, making more time for more pressing IT tasks.


Enhanced end-user experience
by providing them with the tools they need to get their job done.