Manager Dashboard

The Manager IT Dashboard works as a management platform that gives you visibility into your help desk, asset management, monitoring, SLA management, and project KPIs.

Evaluate Your Help Desk Workload

View charts that show you the number of active service records. See when your IT department is at its busiest and evaluate if it’s normal peak-hour activity or if something unusual is increasing your service record volume.

Manager Dashboard

Identify the Root Causes of Problems

Create charts on service records grouped by category, company, and more. This information allows you to quickly identify problems and take the necessary actions to fix them. For example, if you notice that most service records are submitted under the “Printer” category, you can investigate your printers to find the problem.

Evaluate Your Service Quality

View charts on how long it’s taking your team to respond to and resolve incidents that are submitted to your help desk, monitor service breaches, and define the warning, critical, and maximum values of service breaches to stay informed about the quality of support your IT team is providing. The Manager IT Dashboard is also integrated with the SLA management module so that you can also view your SLA grade and history in real-time.

Track Your Inventory

Monitor your asset aging, CPU types, and operating systems used in real-time. You can even create charts on details as specific as the display memory, display resolution, model, supplier, and catalog numbers of your assets. Stay informed on the exact status of your inventory at all times.

Find Help Desk Trends

In addition to getting a real-time snapshot of your current help desk performance, the IT Dashboard can also show you a timeline of open service records by day, week, and month. Follow your service record volume over time to identify trends and make forecasts for the future.

The screenshot option allows us to actually see the error instead of guessing, which makes resolution time drastically shorter. I would give SysAid 5 Stars! Dawn B., IT Systems Manager, Brighton Securities, Rochester, New York

Customize Reports

A wide variety of built-in reports helps you track your inventory, analyze your help desk workload, and check on the status of your tasks and projects. You can filter any report to extract the exact data you need and then view it in a PDF or Excel Format. Some of the built-in reports include:

Report Wizard: 3 Easy Steps

Create your own reports with the intuitive Report Wizard. In three quick steps, you can:

  • Choose an entity to measure (service record, asset, activity, software product, and more)
  • Select the data to report on, either as a detailed report or as a summary report with a graph
  • Choose the filters to have available in the form when you run the report

Report Scheduler for Automation

Set the IT Dashboard to automatically run reports you need on a regular basis with the Report Scheduler: Schedule reports to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

  • Specify which administrators will receive these reports and in which format
  • Run saved reports at any time if the situation warrants it