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Honoring Excellence on SysAidday 2013 – Where We Started and Where We Are Going

By | March 18, 2013 in SysAid

Yesterday marked our annual SysAidday, a company event that joins everyone together, from every department in SysAid, to discuss our goals and ambitions for the coming year.

Our newly appointed CEO, Sarah Lahav, emceed the event, which opened with a history lesson from Israel Lifshitz, SysAid Founder and Chairman, who recounted the story of how it all began. I believe that the newbies at the company, as well as the old-timers, were intrigued by the story and felt a sense of belonging to a truly innovative company.

Honoring excellence was the theme of the day, and it started by calling up all the individuals who have been at SysAid for over 5 years. There were gifts, pictures, and great rounds of applause to all the honorees. And while all this was happening, I couldn’t help but think of Justin Timberlake’s hosting last week of Saturday Night Live and having a whole celebration of being welcomed to the 5-Timers Club at SNL! I wonder if anyone else was thinking about this? 🙂

The day continued with presentations from representatives from each department. As someone who works in Marketing, I can tell you for sure that it was very enlightening to listen to the presentations that were given by R&D, Sales, Product, Customer Relations, and Finance/IT. To hear what everyone is working on makes me impatient for the new projects and releases ahead. Now I know how our customers feel!

In my presentation, representing the Marketing department, I hope I was able to convey the exciting plans that we have in store as well, like the booth we are preparing for next month’s huge service desk show in London - SITS13 (come visit us at Booth 519).

Aside from the delicacies served to us all day long, the motivational workshop on WINNING by Yehuda Shinar (I think that probably deserves its own blog post…so stay tuned), and the movie premier we got to see at the end of the day, a definite surprise highlight was the incredible clip prepared especially for SysAidday 2013 by our über- talented SysAid Academy Supervisor, Michael Nahmias. Although he prepared it for us (his co-workers), I just had to share…enjoy!

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Dena Wieder-Freiden

About Dena Wieder-Freiden

As SysAid’s Content Marketing Manager, Dena values most her friendships and daily conversations with the awesome IT service management (ITSM) authorities from all over the world! As they share their knowledge with her, she enjoys paying it forward to the IT community at large. Outside of work, she’s most likely at the gym, the beach, or at home watching a movie and spending time with her family.

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