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Mind the Gap

By | April 22, 2013 in SysAid

The weather has been perfect here in London, sunshine all day, every day! We are all here in Earls Court, CEO Sarah Lahav, Oded Moshe, Ilan Hertz, Elana Katzor (that's me), David Zargoski, David Freeman, and of course, Joe the IT Guy!

Might I add, Joe is MORE handsome in person 🙂

We walked down glamorous Regents St. and bought our raffle prizes: the Apple TV and Xbox (with some games!) at the world’s largest toy store, Hamelys, a full seven floors of pure fun, toys, and games!
We also made sure to pick up some green M&Ms for our booth—so don’t forget to come by and take a handful.

Our booth #519 is also taking shape, and it is looking great. You will soon see how our design represents SysAid, and how it includes all the essentials in one service desk.

As we prepare to meet IT professionals from all around the world, we wanted to discover similarities and differences of everyone by asking you all:
What are your essentials for your Service Desk?

Now, we are off to meet our fabulous customers from the company Oasis located right here in London. Will post pictures of their offices soon!

Even though Frank Sinatra said its usually “a foggy day in London town”, we have yet to see one...


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