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4 Features That Will Improve Your Life as an IT Admin

By | September 24, 2013 in SysAid

SysAid Service Desk 9.1 Release

Preparing training material and informative content is always challenging and fun at the same time. Lucky for me, I get to have fun almost every day in my role as SysAid Academy Supervisor. Every month we prepare a webinar that we think can make you a better SysAider, and this content is available for you at any given time on our YouTube Channel.

This month, however, is even more exciting because we're having our New Release Webinar, and we're going to show you our brand-new release version 9.1 in all its glory. I assure you, this is not one to be missed! Hosted by our VP Products Oded Moshe, this webinar promises to be both educational and entertaining.

And, we’re making it even more enjoyable to watch as we play a game that will give you a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

4 Categories, All You Need

In this webinar we are going to show you our new UI and its major improvements, which is the result of over one year of researching our users’ needs . Aside from it being very nicely designed, it also brings a fresh and much more efficient approach on how things are organized. We have come to the conclusion that everything we do today falls under four main categories: Service Desk, Assets, Analytics, and Tools. All about this and more is going to be presented by our Creative Director Maurice Hason.

It's Time to Submit a Service Record

One of the the concepts we teach in our certification courses is that you need to to supply your users the fastest and easiest way to submit their service records in order to reduce your emails and phone calls. Now with our new categories driven templates, or Dynamic Forms as we like to call them, it has never been easier.The end user just needs to select a template related to his/her issue and the form is automatically filled according to preset data that we configured. VP Professional Services Hanan Baranes is going to show us how that works.

Remote and Secure is Not a Paradox

Up until today, if you wanted to keep your LDAP server on a remote location and integrate with SysAid, you would have had to open various ports to allow the traffic to go through. The same thing went for Cloud clients who needed to integrate with their LDAP even if it was in their internal network. With v9.1 we are releasing a new and improved Remote Discovery Service (RDS) that will eliminate the need for opening ports and will allow a secure connection with your remote branches. VP Customer Relations Joseph Zargari is going to explain how this works and what you need to do in terms of configuration.

We Will Never Forget You

The authentication process was also improved in this release. We added the Remember Me feature, which keeps a password cache. This makes the authentication process a lot faster and prevents a server down issue in case you lose connection with your LDAP server. This and more is going to be presented by Product Manager Oleg Sin.

Register now, October 1st 12 PM EST - we look forward to seeing you there!

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