The SysAid Newsletter - SysAid Certification Updates

Dear SysAiders,

The SysAid Certification program is already on its way. The first class started on June 19th, with 30 attendants from around the world.

During the lessons, our experts shared insights and advanced methods on varied subjects: where the IT world is heading to; 7 global IT trends that will change the way we all do IT; , different ways to deploy the SysAid agent, how to use automatic notifications and routing rules. The course provides hands-on tools to maximize SysAid possibilities to your advantage, how to manage your assets, your projects and tasks, your workstations and servers, how touse SysAid measuring tools, and many other tips and tricks that can make your life as an IT administrator much easier. We have also included in the SysAid Certification class the newest features that are available in the latest release of SysAid 5.5, such as the SysAid CMDB.

Due to the vast interest in the SysAid certification program we open a new class on September 4th. Sign up now to reserve your seat and ensure your early bird price!

As many Australians have shown interest in joining the program, we consider opening a certification class specifically for you, Aussies SysAiders, which will take place in a convenient time for you. If you are interested, register, and don't forget to state your location.

The latest release of SysAid 5.5 was accepted with a lot of enthusiasm. Many of you have already downloaded it and provided us with a lot of positive feedback. I would like to turn your attention to the fact that in addition to the sizzling CMDB and and Community modules this new release includes other highly useful features : automatic recurring events, duplicate service requests, improved audit log, and many more useful new features.

Israel Lifshitz

Impressions from the SysAid Certification Class - by Robert Phillips

Hello, this is Robert Phillips, Computer Support Analyst at City of Garden City.

I took part in the current SysAid certification class.
I really enjoyed the last class.  I am excited about trying the CMDB function of SysAid.

We have been using SysAid for about two years and I thought we really understood most of its features.  This class has been a real eye opener.
I am gaining a much better understanding of how the system works as well as how it is suppose to help our IT Department be more productive.

I would recommend this training to anyone using the SysAid program.

Robert J. Phillips.

Creating a Special View for a List

A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of SysAid Customer Service and Support Team

You can direct SysAid to show you only certain relevant fields from any of your lists by creating a special view. A View in SysAid is a list screen which displays only the field items and information you have previously selected. The view has a name and is easily selected from the View dropdown menu located at the top of the page (to the right of the icons). Views determine which values, and which of their columns (such as "title" or "priority"), appear in lists. Using different views means listing different values and showing different fields.
One view, for example, might show only the title and description of new service requests. Another view might show only the category and priority of closed service requests.

Select a particular view in the following interfaces:
Service Request List and the Activities page (Help Desk)
Asset List, Software Products, Catalog and Supplier List page (Asset Management)
Project List, Task Activities List (in the Tasks/Projects interface).

You can create your own views. Some views, such as EndUser, arrive as a default. The EndUser view, for example, controls the lists end users see when viewing their old service requests (End User Portal). You can create a new view for printing purposes and select only those fields necessary.

Visit our community to comment about this tip


Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community

The SysAid community keeps growing and developing every minute, and we are extremely pleased to see all the amazing things you SysAiders share!

All the conversations and threads in out community are interesting, so it is a very hard choice, but still, there are some posts that may be particularly interesting and useful, so we have decided to highlight them here.

In the Hottest Topics, you may want to take a look at CS3's particularly informative post. CS3 is answering the question raised by other SysAiders- how can the SysAid CMDB be exploited to help you with your work. In his replay, CS3 includes a diagram that demonstrate the way the CMDB can be used. Take a look at it!

A thread we recommend looking at, in our General IT section, is the gadget thread: find out what the favorite gadgets of the SysAiders are.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the SysAid Community!

SysAid Community Poll of the Month

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Seven Signs That You Are A Workaholic

1. The last drink you had was in a family event of one of your colleagues
2. You are one of the few who know the locking code for the office
3. Your dog is happier to see the dog walker than to see you.
4. You know what a dog walker is.
5. The only person who does not accuse you of being a workaholic is your boss.
6. Your wife suspects nothing when you call to say you will stay late at work.
7. You are really sad that you wasted your time reading this joke instead of working.