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Dear SysAiders,

Seems like November is full of surprises and so far, where SysAid is concerned -they're all good:SysAid 5.6 beta major release, which introduces enhancement of the core features and tweaks is out.

Read all about the major improvements in the here.

Register here to our SysAid Pathfinders Program and get to take SysAid 5.6 for a test drive before everyone else.

Another big news is about the SysAid family expanding with the launch of SysAid CSS - a Customer Service and Support software. For Ilient and for myself, personally, this is a real historic moment. While SysAid helps organizations better connect internally with employees, SysAid CSS does the same thing externally with customers and partners. This could be your opportunity to recommend about the SysAid advantages to your colleagues - read more about it here.

And - there's the new newsletter format- the one you're currently reading. This is another step in pushing the envelope of the SysAid experience . We've all been working hard to come up with this fresh new look and feel, so let us know how you find it. New looks aside, the SysAid newsletter will keep updating you on a monthly basis on the hottest trends, features, tips and tricks which will improve your day to day IT management.

Having mentioned all the changes - there is one thing that SysAid will not change in the near future- the traditional IT joke. Enjoy.


Israel Lifshitz


In this issue:

SysAid 5.6 - The Features Enhancement Major Release

A Tip for Maximizing SysAid 5.6

SysAid Community Poll of the Month

Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community?

Joke: The IT Crowd - Stress Class

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SysAid 5.6 - The Features Enhancement Major Release

SysAid 5.6 is a new release designed to dramatically improve helpdesk capabilities, System and Asset Management, Dashboard and Project Management. Scheduled for availability later on this month, SysAid 5.6 will make it easier for organizations of all sizes to experience the benefits of IT Management. In this release, the SysAid R&D enhanced the core competences of SysAid by elaborating on its existing capabilities, establishing an even more robust system.


A Tip for Maximizing SysAid 5.6

A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of SysAid Customer Service and Support Team

SysAid 5.6. introduces an exciting new feature that enables you to integrate your CTI phone system with SysAid. If your CTI phone system supports URL API you will be able to do so.

The implementation will enable you to receive a phone call to your helpdesk and the new service request form will automatically open with the requested user information already filled-in.

The forwarded URL should look like the below example:

The key field is the user name:
The information forwarded as user name in the URL will be searched under the list of users entered in the system. If the requested user name will be found, it will show up as a requested user in the submit Service Request form that will be open on your screen. Please note that the screen will open only if you are logged in to SysAid when you receive the call. If there is no user with that user name, the form will let the option to create a new one. This can be done with any other user field.


SysAid Community Poll of the Month

Is it the long hours, or trying to assist technophobes? This poll is about the biggest challenge IT professionals are facing on a daily basis.

Please take this ultra-quick poll and let us know what you think.


Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community

Conservative or Liberal?

This time, it's not back to Obama - McCain campaign promises. We are referring of course to IT security policy in different organizations.

The USB Stick - Friends or Foes thread, sheds some light on this issue:

"I personally love it. But I kill every USB port in my LAN and have users fire an SR when they need to transfer file in and or out of the network." Says Obelix - SysAid Wiz who began this thread.

Elite SysAider Jonathan agrees on what turned out to be an IT policy discussion:"Whilst i love my USB key I felt that the only safe approach we can take is to lock out all usb devices unless authorized by IT" No doubt, security ranks high on the organizational agenda.

It's never too late to tell us what's your standpoint on this issue.


Joke: The IT Crowd - Stress Class