SysAid Knowledge Base

SysAid Knowledge Base is a knowledge management database for tips and how-to solutions. Admins can capture, develop, share, and effectively use knowledge relating to solutions to IT issues, and also provide end users with relevant self-help information.

Capture, Retain, and Share Solutions to Work Faster

The Knowledge Base is integrated within the SysAid Help Desk so IT users can easily find relevant knowledge articles from within a ticket and actively suggest relevant articles to users. The Knowledge Base can be managed separately for IT teams and for end users (self-service and self-help).


Provide Your End Users with 24/7 Support

Within the Self-Service Portal, end users can access FAQs (frequently asked questions) or search for answers to technical issues and resolve them through self-help. This not only provides an alternative IT support channel, it also offers out-of-hours support for IT teams with limited support availability.
Help Desk knowledge base

Quick Creation of Knowledge Base Items

Easily document the solutions to common issues or answers to FAQs, as knowledge articles, to make them accessible by the people who need them, when they need them. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Automatically, after ticket closure: SysAid can prompt support staff, after a ticket is closed, with the option to seamlessly add the specific solution or advice to a new knowledge article for the Knowledge Base.
  • Manually, as needed: For new issues or FAQs that don’t already exist in the Knowledge Base, you can manually enter knowledge articles as needed.
  • Download from the SysAid Community: You can download Knowledge Base articles from SysAid Community forums to your own Knowledge Base. Because IT pros often encounter the same issues, you’ll find hundreds of available knowledge articles relevant to your own IT operations.

Attach Images and Media to Knowledge Base Content

  • Attach files: software patches, detailed installation documents, or any other file
  • Embed links to articles, electronic forms, FTP links, and other resources
  • Leverage SysAid’s HTML capabilities: format the font, add pictures, and design the article look and feel
  • Embed media files such as company how-to tutorials, YouTube frames, and more

Easy Auto-Suggest for Self-Help

As end users begin typing in an issue (as the ticket title) in the Self-Service Portal, SysAid automatically searches the Knowledge Base for relevant knowledge articles. The Knowledge Base then provides knowledge article suggestions that end users can use to resolve their issue by themselves, without actually having to submit the ticket. You can customize the Knowledge Base Auto-Suggest capability based on title, question, and/or answer to optimize suggested knowledge article relevance.

Attach Knowledge Base Articles to Entities in SysAid

You can link a Knowledge Base article to assets, service records, CIs, SLAs, and almost any entity in SysAid, making the relevant information visibly available within tickets that involve any of these entities. For example, you may have a knowledge article on how to solve a paper jam on a specific printer. If you add that article to the printer’s CI or asset record, then a link to the article appears in any ticket related to that printer, ensuring that IT support teams follow solution models that have already been set up in your organization.

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