SysAid Network Discovery

Quickly discover your network and deploy the SysAid Agent to computers running Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix. Also discover, enroll, and manage iOS and Android mobile devices.

SysAid offers a number of different options for network discovery:

Discovering Computers

SysAid allows you to discover the computers on your network by running a WMI scan or by installing the SysAid Agent. The SysAid Agent also provides detailed hardware and software information.

Discovering and Managing Non-Networked Devices

There may be other devices that you want to track and manage in SysAid that are not directly connected to your network. You can easily add these devices to SysAid IT Asset Management, either manually, or by importing details via a CSV file.

Discovering SNMP Devices

SysAid allows you to scan your network and find all of your SNMP-capable devices. In conjunction with WMI scanning and the SysAid Agent, this allows you to get a complete picture of your network.

Discovering Remote Networks

You may have networks that are not directly connected to your SysAid Server, or that are separated by firewalls. For situations such as these, SysAid offers network discovery via a Remote Discovery Service (RDS).


SysAid IT Asset Management: Network Discovery

SysAid Agent

As well as taking a detailed hardware and software inventory through its network discovery, the SysAid Agent provides additional asset management capabilities. For example, you can launch a remote control session or initiate a chat conversation directly from a service record where the affected asset is running the SysAid Agent. The SysAid Agent also allows end users to automatically submit a self-service ticket, with a captured screenshot, via a hotkey (F11). Monitoring, asset availability, SysAid Remote Desktop, and more are all supported by the SysAid Agent.

Agentless Network Discovery

SysAid also performs agentless network discovery, using the WMI and SNMP protocols, to obtain a full hardware and software inventory for each discovered device. Network discovery tasks are performed using SysAid’s Remote Discovery Service (RDS), which can be installed remotely on any network segments that lie beyond firewalls. Any recurring network discovery tasks can be scheduled to ensure that you always have an up-to-date picture of your network. Agentless network discovery is available in both the On-Premise and Cloud SysAid products.

Remote Discovery Service (RDS)

To optimize network communication in large-scale networks, and to perform network discovery tasks behind firewalls, SysAid provides a Remote Discovery Service (RDS) that acts as a proxy for the SysAid Server in remote networks.