TeamViewer Embedded Service

Launch TeamViewer remote control from SRs in SysAid



Available from SysAid 15.1.50
SysAid Edition:
ITSM Cloud and On-Premise




SysAid customers can access all the features of TeamViewer remote control from SysAid without a pre-existing TeamViewer account, to initiate remote sessions with end users directly from any incident record.


Main Features

  • A TeamViewer icon is added to your incident form that allows you to initiate a remote control session from within the incident record
  • Automatic generation of activities for each remote control session
  • Ability to initiate a session to an unattended machine (available in Beta testing mode)



  • Enables an IT support representative to launch a secure remote support session directly from within an incident record
  • Enables you to access TeamViewer functionality without a TeamViewer account
  • Accommodates unlimited, concurrent access to all of your admins, on a pay-as-you-go basis



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