SysAid – Tailored for Education

An IT service management (ITSM) solution designed specifically for educational institutions.


Are you tired of trying to customize your service desk to meet the ever-evolving needs of your educational institution? Are you fed up of paying for overly-expensive licenses that you can’t properly utilize because you operate in a different way to other IT organizations? We can help!

With SysAid Education – the only education-tailored solution available in the ITSM market – everything is already ready-made to suit your requirements. Furthermore, with a unique educational license structure in place, SysAid Education offers huge cost-saving benefits for any educational institution.


Discover SysAid Education

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SysAid Education Edition


Here’s just a few of the educational institutions who are already enjoying the benefits of a tailored ITSM solution:

Service Desk for Education – British Science Association
Columbia University
Service Desk for Education – Concord University
Service Desk for Education – City College of New York
John Hopkins University
Michigan State University
NB Academy
Oklahoma State University
Pennsylvania School of the Deaf
Rutgers Business School