SysAid – Tailored for Education

An IT service management (ITSM) solution designed specifically for educational institutions.

Are you tired of trying to customize your service desk to meet the ever-evolving needs of your educational institution? Are you fed up of paying for overly-expensive licenses that you can’t properly utilize because you operate in a different way to other IT organizations? We can help!

With SysAid Education – the only education-tailored solution available in the ITSM market – everything is already ready-made to suit your requirements. Furthermore, with a unique educational license structure in place, SysAid Education offers huge cost-saving benefits for any educational institution.

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Service Desk for Education

Here’s just a few of the educational institutions who are already enjoying the benefits of a tailored ITSM solution:

SysAid Service Desk Customer – John Hopkins University
SysAid Service Desk Customer – Columbia University
Concord University
The City College of New York
Georgetown Law
Service Desk Customer – Michigan State University
SysAid Service Desk Customer – NB Academy
Service Desk for Education – Oklahoma State University
SysAid Service Desk Customer – Pennsylvania School of the Deaf
Service Desk for Education – Rutgers Business School


SysAid Education offers everything that you would expect and more from an IT help desk, service desk, or ITSM solution:

SysAid Education's key ITSM features

SysAid Education's Key Asset Management



SysAid Education for Campus Use

While SysAid was originally created to support IT professionals in the delivery and support of IT services, many customers – especially educational institutions – are using SysAid outside of IT.

Example campus non-IT use cases include, but are not limited to, managing the services of:

  • The admissions office
  • The alumni office
  • Faculty services
  • Legal
  • Libraries
  • Medical centers
  • Research departments
  • Shared services such as facilities, finance, and HR


How Are SysAid Education Customers Supported?

At SysAid we're committed to providing exceptional customer service - whatever support you need, we're here to help.

SysAid support can be accessed via a number of channels:

  • Call us
  • Submit a ticket
  • Email us
  • Start a chat session