Frequently Asked Questions

Q What are the differences between SysAid editions?
Q What are the delivery platforms for SysAid?
Q Are SysAid Cloud and On-Premise identical in terms of functionality?
Q What is an administrator?
Q What is an end user?
Q What is a supervisor?
Q What is an asset?
Q How much does SysAid cost?
Q Can I keep all data from my trial after I purchase?
Q Is SysAid offered as a lifetime license or as an annual subscription?
Q Is it easy to add administrators / assets / modules?
Q How long does it take to implement SysAid?
Q What languages does SysAid support?
Q Can SysAid grow with my organization?
Q How can I test SysAid before using it?
Q How often do you release new versions of SysAid?
Q Do I have to pay an upgrade fee to get new releases?
Q What features did you add in your latest release? Where can I find the latest release?
Q Can I add licenses to the Free Edition?
Q How do I order SysAid?
Q How do roles work for administrators?
Q I already have an asset management solution, and I only want to use SysAid for the help desk. Is this possible?
Q Can SysAid create service records from incoming emails?
Q How do I import my users into SysAid?
Q How do my end user's submit service records?
Q Does SysAid come with prewritten reports?
Q Can I write my own custom reports?
Q Are the help desk and asset management modules integrated?
Q Do I need to deploy an agent for asset management?
Q How do I import my assets into SysAid?
Q I have another program that already uses the F11 hotkey. Can SysAid be configured to use a different hotkey?
Q I'm concerned about memory usage on my computers. Will the SysAid Agent affect system performance for the machines it's installed on?
Q I would like to keep track of cell phones / monitors / miscellaneous IT devices. Can SysAid Asset Management help me do this?
Q What technology is used in SysAid Patch Management?
Q What products can be patched?
Q Do I need a particular license for Patch Management?
Q Can I manage my patches manually?
Q Can I setup Patch Management to work automatically?
Q How can I use policies to automatically manage my patches?
Q Can I use Change Management to approve patches?
Q Do I need an internet connection to use Patch Management?
Q Can cloud customers access Patch Management?
Q Where can I get more information about SysAid Patch Management?
Q Which modules are included in all SysAid editions and which modules are extra?
Q Can my end users participate in SysAid Tasks & Projects?
Q Can my end users participate in SysAid Change Management?
Q Does SysAid support LDAP/Exchange integration?
Q Does SysAid support single sign-on?
Q Which databases does SysAid support?
Q Will SysAid integrate with my existing database?
Q Does SysAid include mobile applications?
Q Does SysAid have Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?
Q Does SysAid support SSL for accessing the server?
Q Does SysAid have an API?
Q Can I integrate SysAid with my company's internal website (intranet)?
Q What types of support do you offer?
Q What are the system requirements for installing the SysAid server?
Q Is there a training program for SysAid?
Q Can you import all my service records from my previous help desk?
Q I have a suggestion for a new SysAid feature. Who do I contact?
Q What is your SLA for Cloud performance?
Q Do I have to pay each time I contact SysAid Support?
Q Can SysAid be rebranded?




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