Use SAP to update additional information for end users through a scheduled daily task and to import and update CIs in SysAid.


Available from SysAid 15.1.50
SysAid Edition:
SysAid Full Cloud and On-Premise




SysAid can integrate with SAP using our built in CSV uploading tool for users and CIs.


Main Features

  • Employee information from SAP’s Human Resource module to be synced with administrators and end users in SysAid and for SAP’s Materials Management module to be synced with CIs in SysAid
  • SysAid can produce a CSV file of data from users, companies, service records, assets, and CIs that can be uploaded back into SAP
  • Generated CSV files from SAP can be scheduled to be uploaded to SysAid as a daily task



  • Utilize SAP as your source for additional user details
  • Utilize SAP as your source for additional asset and CI details
  • Keep the information in SysAid up-to-date with SAP



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