LogMeIn Rescue

Launch LogMeIn remote control from incidents and assets in SysAid


Available from SysAid 15.2.01
SysAid Edition:
SysAid Full Cloud and On-Premise




SysAid’s integration with LogMeIn Rescue enables you to establish a remote session with your end users directly from within a SysAid incident record.
A unique pin code is generated by SysAid, which is then provided to the end users to initiate a remote session on their machines. These sessions can be launched directly from any incident record, increasing the effectiveness of your IT support technicians through robust remote support.


Main Features

  • Provides the ability to generate a remote control session directly from within an incident record
  • Provides the option to send a link with the unique pin code to the end user to start the remote session



  • Enables an IT support representative to launch a secure remote support session directly from within an incident recor
  • Simplifies the process of creating a session between the IT support representative and the end user
  • Enables you to utilize your existing LogMeIn licenses



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